Improving Emotional Intelligence in routine life and relationships

Improving Emotional Intelligence in routine life and relationships

Everybody is aware of Emotional Intelligence, as it has become the center of discussion for decades. We all have heard about it but nobody has given their actual attention to improve or gain it.

You might see Emotional Intelligence as challenging to attain, yes it can be but not impossible. That’s why the majority of people don’t care about it. It is a fact why it’s not popular as compared to physical fitness. You will not hear a person saying that he is going to join EQ gym to improve their emotional intelligence. These days things have become easily accessible and self development course can be helpful for a person to learn about EQ.

Why Emotional Intelligence need your attention?     

EQ has its vital importance; it might be hard to learn. But they can amazingly change your life, helping you in making better decisions and gaining inner peace. Some people even consider Emotional Quest before Intelligence Quest. They are right on this as it also helps us to improve our relationships with other people, how we tackle the situation and how we react to a certain thing said by a person.

Everything aside, give it a thought that you will get to know that the standard of living is going down due to the absence of attention towards physical and mental health. Now if we think about emotional intelligence, the same is the case with it.

People are suffering from severe mental issues, like anxiety, depression, or anger issues. It can be challenging even to survive routine life.

Now let’s talk about anger issues. If your partner gets angry over small arguments and lashes on you without giving a thought about your emotional health. Then EQ is surely a must to learn about. Will you not be happy if your partner doesn’t get angry at you anymore? An anger management course can give you amazing results in improving the anger issues of your partner. That’s the importance of EQ and what it’s all about.

How can we improve Emotional Intelligence?

Several skill sets help us increase our emotional intelligence. But these can be divided into four important categories.


It is one of the keys to improving EQ. When we are aware of our emotions we make better decisions and react differently. We have control over our emotions somehow. That helps us deal with a situation peacefully without giving a reaction. If we don’t know what affects our mood and emotions, we will not be able to achieve emotional intelligence. So it’s very important to be aware of yourself because of how we will be able to improve a certain thing when we don’t even know about it.


It is the ability to have self-control over your emotions and express them precisely. We stay in control of ourselves, we don’t overreact to a situation and we thoughtfully make a decision.

It can be compared to cycling, while riding a cycle you have to keep your balance, have self-control, hands-on steering, and pedal at the same time. When everything is under control, that’s how self-management is attained.

Social awareness:

It is the ability to be aware of the people around you, their emotions, feelings, and reactions. When you are aware of these three things. Then, you have to react without passing your judgment and react to their state of mind in a supportive manner. Through social awareness, you become flexible and can mold yourself according to a situation.

Relationship Management:

When you are done with acquiring the above three skills, then there comes relationship management. It is the ability to manage your emotions and interact with people successfully to make good relationships with others.

Last but not least, Meditation:

As we all know to make a great impact on yourself you need confidence and a strong mindset to stay focused.  Meditation can be found helpful in achieving a relaxed mindset and gaining inner peace. Mindfulness meditation is a great skill to improve emotional intelligence. Mindfulness meditations are the capability to not react to a certain situation. You have to keep yourself calm without passing judgment which helps you gain a peaceful mindset. It’s the same as seeing clouds flying away in front of your eyes. Awareness about Online meditation is also getting pace from time to time.

These days many online platforms can help in improving skills online that are useful in emotional intelligence. Solely meditation will not help in boosting EQ, for that reason you have to focus on all the above skills, then meditation is a plus that helps in achieving making these skills better.


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