Tips on how to mindfully tackle nervous breakdown

Tips on how to mindfully tackle nervous breakdown

A nervous breakdown can be defined as a condition when a person is completely rounded with depression, anxiety, or worry affecting mental health. This can make a person disabled from doing their routine work until their breakdown is resolved anyway. A person might not be able to function properly. For dealing with it, meditation guided online can play a role of a silver lining in the dark.

There can be several reasons for a nervous breakdown like family problems, financial problems, and death of a loved one, or the breaking of a relationship with someone you love. The reasons for breakdown have not limited themselves to this. But it can also happen due to abuse or getting diagnosed with severe disease.

Now, we will discuss some tips on how anybody can tackle a nervous breakdown and come out stronger.

Mindfulness meditation and yoga:

Mindfulness meditation is a great practice in which you pay your attention fully to everything around you with peace. You listen to your breathing as it goes in and out. Your belly feels like a balloon that comes in and out. This practice helps you build focus muscles and attention towards certain things. Mindfulness meditation and yoga are two practices that can help you.

This meditation also helps us to not pass our judgment about a certain situation that is making us nervous or making us anxious. You will be able to stay calm in difficult situations and you will see situations going away like clouds in the air.

Now, if we talk about yoga, it’s a practice of both mind and body. It involves different techniques which can include movements of the body and breathing. One should give a chance to these to stay happy mentally.

Talk to friends asking their help:

When you go through a mental breakdown, one of the hardest things is that you feel alone all the time. The reason is that not you don’t have any friends but we don’t want to be around anyone as we feel weak.

You must contact yourself with friends and family, even though you still want to be alone. But talking and engaging with friends can make a lot of difference. If you can’t talk on phone calls then use any instant messaging application to chat with friends or ask them to visit your place. But keeping in mind to ask them that they can’t stay here for longer.

When you go through a nervous breakdown, you will get to know which of your friends are sincere to you and cares about you. For that reason, you will surely feel better.

Self-compassion is the key:

Give yourself the same compassion and care as you give it to others. Try to feel what it feels like to be loved. It is okay that you can have a mental breakdown, you need to understand it and give compassion to yourself. Never forget you deserve love too.


It’s the fact that when we are happy or having good times we don’t compare ourselves with others. But when we are going through breakdowns having hard times, we start complaining that we are alone in this, why this happened to me. Always remember that you are not alone in this, there are many people out there who are going through the same or maybe worse than you.

You might have seen people complaining that they don’t have a partner on Valentine’s Day. But if we take this example then you will get to know that many people might not have a father on Father’s day. But nobody will talk about this. We only compare ourselves to lesser problems but never see those who might be suffering worse than these issues.

It’s a good idea to search stories of similar people over the internet who have faced these difficulties. You will get inspired and your mental breakdown will be much smaller than others. You will also get to know the solutions to these issues and how those people overtook them and got back on track. Mindfulness yoga and meditation have been found helpful in this regard.

Lesser use of Technology:

When we suffer from a nervous breakdown, everything seems to be too much. Even sounds can be irritating and the phone can be disturbing.  The laptop screen can be irritating for the eyes as it’s too bright. So it’s a good idea to use less technology.

If you keep using social media and get to see photos of your friends enjoying outside. It can make you more sad and depressed that you are sitting here and everyone is enjoying it. It’s better to consume less social media content. You can use a movie but keep in mind that it should be a sad one, instead it should be a happy, humorous, or calming movie. There’s one thing more than you can do over the internet is to learn about yoga meditation and mindfulness to help you keep calm in this.

Medical Help:

Moreover, don’t feel shy to seek medical help from a professional if you don’t feel yourself. Often when we go through such a breakdown, we try to stay alone. But Medical professionals can help you with medication that can help you get yourself out of this breakdown.


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