How happiness can be good for your health?

How happiness can be good for your health?

For different people, happiness lies in different things or activities. For someone it can be a hamburger or someone might feel happy while reading a book. Happiness can be gained through different things. But there’s one question that rises, why being happy is so important? People might work hard to increase their productivity or achieve a specific goal. But you will never see anybody working hard to gain happiness. Even though they might have tried, they didn’t succeed as much. Why didn’t they continue to assert that gaining happiness is important in life?

People spend different times over the internet improving skills online, but people don’t give as much attention to acquiring happiness. As per the study, it is being concluded that happiness has a great impact on your health. Both health and happiness are proportional to each other. When one increases, the other will surely increase. Moreover, it is also being noted that happiness can boost your immune system, increase lifespan and improve the health of your heart. When you are happy, you gain inner peace which leads you to be more productive and focused on your life goals.

Happiness is the protector of heart:

Happiness and love both are very beneficial for our bodies. It has been revealed through different studies that happiness is connected with heart rate and blood pressure. Both of them have vital importance and effect on our body. During a study, participants were asked to rate their happiness 30 times during a single day. Through follow up it was revealed that the heart rate of a happy person had a lower heart rate and better blood pressure rate as compared to others.

During research, it was stated that there is a deep connection between happiness and heart rate variability which is the time interval between heartbeats. Heartbeats can be disturbed and make a person sick if he is not happy. It is a fact that acquiring happiness should not be taken for granted, an online meditation class can also help you in gaining peace and happiness.

Happiness enhances the immunity of the body:

Have you ever seen a person who looks to be sick all the time or he gets sick very quickly? Getting sick more often is not a coincidence, it’s a matter of fact that they are not as happy.

It is more likely to happen that when you feel happy you eat healthier which leads to a boost of immunity.

During the research, almost 81 students who have completed their graduation were given hepatitis B vaccines. Graduates rated them on the nine scale emotion but those who had higher positive emotions were double in emotions as they had a higher rate in response to antibodies. Happiness can be noticed even doing its work on a cellular level. That’s what proves how happiness is so important.

Happiness – a reliever for stress:

During hard times or even routine life, we often come across high stress which affects our life in an unlikely manner. Stress not only affects you psychologically, but it can also make biochemical changes in our body that can be dangerous for us. It can make changes in our blood pressure and hormones.

Happiness is the best cure to stress which gives you relief. During tough routines people don’t find enough time to focus on themselves, that’s why online meditation can be helpful as they can have access everywhere at work or home.

Happiness – a cure for diseases:

When you are happy you eat healthy food which makes your immune system stronger against diseases. It is also a cure for many diseases. If you are having pain due to any reason, a happy mood can make you feel better for sure. During a study, participants were compared who had mild symptoms such as dizziness and heartburn. Happier participants improved in health as compared to others who were not that happier. They easily outpaced the unhappy participants.

Happiness increase lifespan:

Happiness just doesn’t limit itself to the above-mentioned points. But it has an ultimate role in life span increase. During research, it was evaluated that people who stay happier have the probability to live longer as compared to those who stay unhappy and stressed.


Happiness has vital importance to living a healthy and peaceful life. As we have studied above, happiness has an impact on the overall body of the human being. So it’s a good idea to focus on happiness and make life better and easier. People must focus on their self-development to make themself better, happier, and be more productive. It can be a good idea to have a self development course to know the ways how to make yourself happy and stay happier.


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