How can you conquer your fear?

How can you conquer your fear?

Most of us face difficult times facing fear whether we want to or not. Sometimes it’s a fear of what other people will think about me, fear of being failed, the fear of being left by someone you love, or the fear of what is going to happen in the future. These all fears can give us tough times facing them and make us overwhelmed which can result in the unrest of mind.

Self-confidence is the key to overcoming these fears. Some people can find meditation for confidence helpful to drop their fears. Always remember running away from fear is not a solution. It can only make it bigger and long-lasting that it might take too much time to vanish. You need to believe in yourself that you can overtake any fear and you are bigger than this.

There is always a solution to every problem. One should also consider online meditation to help themselves.

Story of student vs. fear:

There is a famous story of Buddhist origin that tells us about the battle between a student and fear. Goodreads posted this story. Once there was a young warrior whom her teacher asked to fight with fear. She was very scared to face the fear that it might be very devastating. But her teacher told her that she had to fight with fear anyway. Her teacher told her some instructions to keep in mind and follow them. The day of battle arrived. Then the young girl stood up on one side and fear stood on one side. The warrior seemed to be very small as compared to the fear which was very big looking.

The young warrior finally roused herself against the fear and went near to the fear. The warrior came closer to fear and asked three times “May I have permission to fight against you?” Fear in exchange of words said that “Thank you for showing me so much respect that you asked for my permission?” Then the young warrior asked fear that how can I defeat you? Fear replied that I get very close to your face and ask you to do whatever I want. If you don’t do what I asked you to do then you can defeat me in this way. When you deny my order I have no power to make you scared anymore. In this way, the student learned how to defeat fear which also gives us a lesson to tackle fear which also enhances our emotional intelligence.

Improving our relationship with fear:

We don’t need to panic about fear. It is a natural emotion. When we are facing it overtakes our awareness and mental state to make the right decision. But if we learn how to deal with fear everything can become easy for us. An online meditation class can also help us in this matter.

Now, if we discuss how to deal with fear, there are a few things that we can do to stop it from overtaking us. We can’t run away or dump fear in a dustbin, instead, we can train ourselves to deal with it. We must take fear with a new perspective that can’t damage us in any way but our reaction towards it makes us stronger. When we stop being overwhelmed about it and stop reacting to it, then it will become weaker. These days online education has taken over the internet so why not have an online meditation course to get tricks for tackling your fear.

Three steps Practice to tackle fear:

Next time whenever you will like fearing in any situation. Whether it’s anxiety or fear of not being good enough. I urge you to follow these simple steps.

Step 1 “Take a deep breath “:

When you feel like fear is arising, take a pause and take a deep breath to tame it. It is a practice to accept the situation, what is happening to the situation and what result it can cause. Then it’s for you to tackle the fear because you know every possible scenario.

Step 2 “show some love to fear”:

Next time when you feel fear of a situation. Show some love to fear the same as you love to your special one. Instead of forcing it to go away because it’s not possible until you accept the fear.

Try to put your hand on that part where you feel sensation due to fear. In this way, you will deal fear with love. It all depends upon your self-esteem when you believe in yourself, your fear will vanish. It’s a good idea to take meditation for self esteem.

Step 3 “do what fear is stopping you to do”

Now, remember what fear told the warrior about facing it. If you simply turn down what I asked you to do then I will disappear. Defeating fear is not always eliminating it, it is how you deal with it. Simply just don’t listen to fear and do what fear is stopping you to do.


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