When life gets hard, these three mindful tips can help to get some relief

When life gets hard, these three mindful tips can help to get some relief

Don’t you think life would be very easy if it was as gentle as a dove? The big changes that happen in our lives would be in our control and we don’t have to think about their outcome twice. But of course, life is no bed of roses, it can get hectic sometimes, and getting inner peace can be challenging.

We all have wished to make life easy but it is not possible all the time. It can be very hectic sometimes draining our mental health. We always wonder what we can do about it. So here’s the solution: mindfulness can help you get some relief from this pain and a self development course can be a good solution to learn about mindfulness and all other practices that can help you.

We will let you know how mindfulness can play its role in making life a little easier and pass the situation without giving it a reaction.

Write it on paper:

When we are packed with the tasks to get them done. We become anxious about how we will be able to do all these things. Our level of worry increases that we might forget some task and will regret it later. That’s why we keep reminding ourselves over and over again.

The constant worry about the future and moving forward can ruin our mood and end up arguing with our loved ones. For anger issues, you can also enroll yourself in an anger management course. Worrying can also affect our sleeping routine as our minds don’t sleep and it keeps us thinking about the future.

Instead of packing your mind with these to-do lists, it’s better to write them up on paper. It can help you to not forget about your task and focusing becomes easy. This gives our mind a chance to relax for some time. This practice is also a great way towards self-care.

Have a deep breath:

You would have read a lot of stuff about why you have to do specific things and give importance to them. But sometimes it’s not in our control that we forget that we are human too and our life becomes hectic. Hectic routine and burden of tasks can make us irritated and dishearten sometimes that I’m not able to do these.

While the importance of work is rightly portrayed but sometimes it’s beyond our control and we have to take some relief from them. An Online meditation course can help relax in difficult situations. But sometimes we are so busy that we don’t have enough time in our schedule to meditate. So why not make use of a practice that is always with us, breathing. According to the Harvard Business Review, deep breathing can help us stay calm and recover from a situation very quickly.

While we are busy trying to meet deadlines or having an exam coming ahead, it’s a good practice to breathe that worry away. Whenever you feel like you are not being yourself and you think of giving up on a situation. Take a deep breath, it will help you to keep yourself calm. It won’t affect the pace of doing your work, but help you open your mind and become more present in the situation. Deep breathing can also help make fewer mistakes and make you feel less stressed.


Our daily office routine and even study routine can make us irritated for a while that we don’t want to do it further. We start arguing about every little thing that happens. It’s a sign that we need a break and self-compassion. It’s a practice to give yourself love the same as we give love to others. Small acts of self-compassion can give us a little comfort and lessen our stress. It’s also an act of wisdom that helps us make wise decisions. We become kind when we see people facing bigger problems than us. You must give yourself little time to learn meditation and improve skills online.

Some people think that self-compassion is a sign of weakness which reminds me of the story of John. John’s wife left him for another man because he was hurting her. John has to move on, his colleagues ask him to go soft on himself but he said that he is not weak to get himself self-compassion and cry like babies. But one thing that John did not know was that it was an act of kindness, going hard on yourself can only worsen the situation ending up hurting and doubting ourselves.

Giving yourself the love you deserve is the best gift one can give to one’s own self. As otherwise, you will only get angry at yourself and end up hating yourself, that’s why you should also take anger management classes to learn more about it.


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